Hilary Benn: Strong Words For a Weak Policy

A passionate speech in favor of aggressive moves against Syria was delivered in Great Britain's House of Commons by Hilary Benn this week is worth listening to in full. The 14 minute oration has been hailed around the world for its conviction and persuasive power, and Hilary Benn's calm but forceful demeanor has even inspired comparisons to Winston Churchill.

Can Satyagraha Heal Our Gun Insanity?

Buddha's Eyes Over the National Rifle Association Building in Fairfax, Virginia

I used to work for a government tech contractor in Reston, Virginia. It was a fairly dull job, so I amused myself by exploring the surrounding neighborhoods of wealthy suburbs that ringed Washington D.C. During one of my explorations I suddenly found myself looking up at a building whose sinister presence made my skin creep. I was staring up at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association in Fairfax, Virginia.

Shucking Off Conformity: What Pacifism Means To Me

We're asking folks to share the stories of how they became committed to their personal or political beliefs. Jay Mejia is a soul banjaro whose people arrived from Mexico and Poland to birth him somewhere in the American Midwest. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism, has worked at the New York Times, and survived a decade toiling in the cubed bunkers of California's Silicon Valley. He has written for Literary Kicks under the names Jota and Jotadavida. Here's Jay's story ...