Off to Another Protest Rally!

Anti-Trump protests November 10 2016

I'm running off to another anti-Trump rally today in Union Square, New York City. The last one I was at was outside Trump Tower on Thursday, November 10 ... and I was proud when a friend texted me this photo of me on Fox News. Can't tell for sure if I'm raising my fist, recording a video or flipping the bird at Trump Tower, but I was doing all three at various times during this inspiring evening.

Around the exact time this Fox News broadcast took place, Donald Trump actually tweeted to whine about us. It was his first tweet as so-called "President Elect" and I am so very, very, very proud to have personally helped to bait this overgrown child into revealing that he doesn't know what free speech means.

I was also interviewed by my friend Ed Champion during Thursday night's rally. During this interview, Ed pointed out that I seem pretty angry for a pacifist. I pointed out that pacifists are historically some of the angriest people in the world. Our protests are non-violent, which is why they are successful.

At the risk of stating the obvious, don't believe the hype that anti-Trump protests are violent. They are not. We are following in the path of Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Susan B. Anthony. Nonviolent civil resistance all the way.

If you can make it to New York City today, I hope I'll see you at Union Square. If not, I hope you'll join a protest wherever you live. This activity will continue until we take Donald Trump and Mike Pence down. Their election was a fraud — criminal collusion between Rudy Giuliani and independent FBI agents, treasonous collusion with Russia — and they have no right to be inaugurated. We will never give up this fight. For freedom, my friends!