Dennis "Icebreaking" Rodman

Dennis "Icebreaking" Rodman by Vince Larue

"More than Dennis Rodman's own message about North Korea ... it is eccentric personality, as a strength and as a weakness, and love for basketball that sustain his enterprise. "Change" is a word Rodman is using a lot, but "change" doesn't touch only one side, it's a continuous process that affects all things." — Vince Larue

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Vince Larue is a native of Normandy, France, and a citizen of the world. A self-taught artist, he has worked with many authors including Barry Graham, Marianne Costa, Larry Fondation, James Sallis, Levi Asher, Tony O'Neill and organizations such as San Francisco Zen Center, Youthbuild Phoenix and Prison Mindfulness Institute.