Hilary Benn: Strong Words For a Weak Policy

A passionate speech in favor of aggressive moves against Syria was delivered in Great Britain's House of Commons by Hilary Benn this week is worth listening to in full. The 14 minute oration has been hailed around the world for its conviction and persuasive power, and Hilary Benn's calm but forceful demeanor has even inspired comparisons to Winston Churchill.

Here at Pacifism21, our hearts do not flutter at the mention of Winston Churchill, and we dread the damage that British and French bombing campaigns are doing to innocent civilians and to the environment. We remain skeptical that these bombing campaigns will do any damage to Daesh. If you are also skeptical that bombing campaigns can ever be successful in defeating enemies or creating peace, you may find Hilary Benn's heart-tugging speech painful to watch. But watch it, because this speech shows how persuasive a stirring speech can be. We pacifists will need to rise to the challenge and learn to speak as well.