Peaceful Thoughts

September 11, Fifteen Years Later: It Broke Us

I have nothing uplifting or heartwarming to say about the way we came together — as a city, as a nation, as a world — after the attacks of September 11, 2001. We tried that uplifting, heartwarming stuff already.

After the attacks, we said "this will not break us". We said this with great feeling, and I was one of many who really believed that the shock and sadness of that terrible day had brought us together in a new way, that our righteous, freedom-fueled responsive to this horrible act of violence would provide a new beacon of injured hope for our whole troubled world.

Mining Tolstoy

Yesterday I nearly published a new article here on Pacifism21 called "What Would Leo Tolstoy Tell Us About Donald Trump?". At the last minute, I realized that I had a chance to cross-pollinate with my literary blog, Litkicks. I published it there; it's a good piece and I hope you'll check it out.

Hillary Clinton Should Refuse To Debate Donald Trump

Following another ridiculous news cycle in which Donald Trump joked about assassinating Hillary Clinton, the time has come for Hillary Clinton to refuse to debate Donald Trump. She should instead announce a major televised town hall debate event in which she will answer serious questions directly from concerned American citizens.

It's important for Hillary Clinton to make this move for the following reasons:

An Age of Avalanches

I streamed the epic movie Everest a few days ago. I ended up watching it twice: first to admire the photography and feel the windstorms and avalanches whipping in my face, and then a second time to carefully follow the characters and the plot. It was during the second viewing that I began to understand what the movie is really about.