Symbolic Victory by Nonviolent Video Game Player

Peace-positive messages come from the most unexpected corners. A fun article titled "Guy Beats Fallout 4 Without Killing Anyone, Nearly Breaks The Game" has been making the social media rounds. It showed up this morning in my Facebook feed with the accompanying words "Pacifism is hard". An expert player named Todd Hinckley took on the quixotic and ironic goal of winning Fallout 4, a game designed to be won by killing opponents, without committing any acts of violence in any part of the game. After much effort, he has succeeded.

“My first attempt was dismal,” Hinckley says in this article. “I got discouraged immediately on the first quest." Join the club, friend. Now let's move this great symbolic mission from Fallout 4 onto the gamescape of real life and see if we can all play together to achieve the same result.