Tired of Excuses

Please welcome our first poem by Aaron Lantz, who tells us about himself: “I live in Lawrence KS where I study English and Literature. Along with my constant study of poetry (some favourite poets include Anne Sexton, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Philip Lamantia) I am an avid music listener and have contributed articles and reviews to various music blogs and websites. Being strongly opposed to war and violence of all kinds I am always looking to investigate the ways that poetry and music (and in fact, all of the arts) can help to change the ways we think about life and the possibilities we all have of stepping up to the challenge to put a stop to hate, cruelty, and violence worldwide.”


More than ever we need love and peace.
    In this storm of internet activism
        and inordinate chaos
    I’m tired of excuses.
Don’t keep holding on to those guns
    because they were your grandfather’s
        Or to “keep the children safe.”
Guns are killing us,
    and the hate that they inspire
        leads us into tragedy.
You wouldn’t keep a swastika
    or an old Confederate flag
        because it once belonged to grandfather.
So throw away the gun.
    Throw away the leaden balls.
        replace them all with something
            that will make another’s day.
I’m tired of excuses,
    let’s lose the Trump rallies
        and think of the implications.
Border closings and internment camps?
    If one goes to the camps
        then we’ll all follow.
We’ll break ‘em out!
    Not with guns either.
        but with honest hands
Extended in conviction that we’ll save this place,
    we’ll salvage this old planet.
        War hasn’t killed it yet.
We’ve still got our words to show
    that our levels of devotion
        aren’t diminishing.
I’m tired of excuses.
    Stop sending armies out.
        No one needs to go off fighting
            half this living world.
I’m tired of excuses.
    What we need now is peace.
        let’s respect the lives before us
            and just make a better year.